Traveling can change us – Marina in an exclusive interview about the photo workshop “Marrakech Experience”

Vivid travel photography:

What are we curious about?
Which attitude helps us to connect with local people and get real insights in their life?

Marina, Founder of, swiss strategic design agency

I spoke with Marina, a participant in our workshop in Marrakech, about how encountering a different culture, people, and traveling itself changes us as a person.

 Taking pictures while traveling

Sometimes trying to capture all of this with the camera can be a bit overwhelming. On the other hand, travel photography opens up a completely new dimension if we see this fascinating medium as an opportunity to learn more about people and thereby get an unfiltered insight into their life.

Get to know the culture and its people

Marina shares her story about such encounters in this interview.
We also discuss the following topics:

  • traveling in Morocco as a woman
  • better leave preconceived opinions and expectations at home
  • spontaneous travel versus structured program
  • what she took from the week in Marrakech
  • let your own vision as a photographer become concrete
  • Photography as a vehicle for personal growth

I hope you enjoy the interview and thank you very much Marina for sharing your impressions with us!


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