Questions & Answers

Will we have tea? – Yes, tons of.

Are there cookies included? – Yep, always.

And if I prefer coffee? – Just let us know.

Let’s say you know WHY you want to join us.

So let’s have a look at the ‘WHAT’ and ‘HOW’.

Do you have questions? Some of them appeared already, so we answered them below.
If not, just use the contact form over here.

Is this a workshop for beginners, for amateurs or for professionals?

The answer is YES.

Because we cover the technical aspects of photography as well as supporting you in your own vision, you can benefit on each and every level of experience.

I speek english? Je parle francais? Ich spreche deutsch?

We offer this workshop to people who speak and understand english, german or french.

Which camera shall I bring and what equipment do I need?

You can bring whatever camera you like.

We recommend a digital DSLR or mirrorless camera system and lenses from 24-105 mm focal length (equivalent to full frame).

Also you will need a notepad and a tablet or notebook.

We will provide tripods, strobes and a whole studio, in case we want to work with it. Also you can loan some Canon and Fujifilm gear from our stock if needed.

How do I book and what about the costs?

You register for a certain workshop simply via our contact form. We accept paypal & bank transfer as payment method. You will get all the payment information by mail after registration.

Within 7 workdays, you have to pay half of the workshop fee to confirm your participation. Otherwise, your reservation will be handled to another participant.

Four weeks before the workshop, the rest of the fee has to be paid.

What about other costs during the travel? Do I need cash?

The souks of Marrakech offer a wide range of products and souveniers. You should consider this and bring a certain amount of money for gifts and so on.

Also you’ll need money for your lunch during the day, which is not included in our fee.

If you want to visit sights which are not included in the group’s activities, you’ll need some money. Arriving at the airport of Marrakech, there are many possibilities to get cash. When you leave one week later, you also can change back your Dirhams, as it is not allowed to take morrocean money to remote areas.

How much money you’ll need for leisure activities depends, of course, on yourself.

Isn't it dangerous to travel in Morocco?

No. Next question please.

Or yes. It depends on how you behave and which country you compare it.

If you avoid running alone through dark alleys at night with a briefcase full of dollar bills and the letters ‘stupid’ on your forehead, you have a 99% chance of getting home safely.

During our group incentives, you’ll get an idea of what works well and you’ll feel safe.

The german consulate delivers some intersting and important informations on this website (in german):

What if there aren't enough participants? Will the workshop take place in any case?

If we have to cancel a workshop for any reason, we will inform you at least 2 weeks in advance.

We  strongly recommend to buy refundable tickets or a travel insurance, you never know.

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