The art of
suck less

Connecting with people – for me –
is the most interesting part in photography.

I love to explore people’s lifes, dreams and feelings.

Learn how to deal with your emotions,
understand communication & build relationships.

The art of
travel photography
an experience

You are a traveller. You are a photographer.

Let’s meet in Marrakech. For a unique adventure.

Join Youssef and Martin.
Two photographers who are addicted to life.
Who are addicted to share.


One Week in Marrakech.

And you’ll never forget what you saw and felt.

Not only because you were taking nice pictures…

…but you’ll see yourself in a different light.

This is what you can expect


Accommodation in luxurious Riad hotel OR atmospheric guesthouse


Free Airport Transfer & transportation during the whole week


Traditional meals & drinks for the breakfast & dinner

Small Group: max. 7 participants + 2 Coaches


We speek english, francais & deutsch

Game up your photography to the next level & develop this fascinating craft

Individual coaching, development & personal growth

Guided tours & daytrips to remote areas and historic sights

Visit a spiritual lecture, enjoy live music, go to a hammam, traditional rural markets & join a cooking class


Be ready for a unique adventure & experience


Riad Kniza

We stay in one of legendary townhouses, better known as Riad. Well protected by the outer walls, a riad houses an attractive courtyard, which, with its ornate ornaments, its pool of water and lush plants, offers an oasis of tranquility in the middle of the historic town. An inviting pool, traditional hammam and first-class restaurant complete the experience.

Should the Riad Hotel Kniza be booked, we will find an equivalent replacement. We also may stay in a rural farmhouse, if it suits the group’s needs and interest better.

Why the technical part of photography is easy and social skills are key

During the workshop, we will have perfect conditions to train and master technical aspects of photography. We also will work a lot on composition and how to frame a shot.

Even more important is the psychology of photography, in our opinion. As soon as we manage the basics of photography, we will challenge you to take pictures of what you feel rather than of what you see.

We will share our experience and teach how to interact and how to build a connection with a subject. As your photos also will show the connection you built to a person, it is crucial to understand the nature of relationships. Empathy and respect is as important as exploring what works for the other person.

During our workshop you will learn how to tell the story of that moment so everyone feels privileged to be part of it.

This is why this workshop suits all levels of experience. Yes, we can support you to master your tool. And we can help you to learn new skills. But the most important thing: we believe that it is more essential ‘why‘ you want to take a picture, than ‘how’. Therefore, we will help you to discover what your photographic vision has to do with you as a person.

Because your personality has a larger impact on your photography than your gear. Join us in Marrakech.

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What you will learn:

  • How do I approach people and get in touch with interesting characters?
  • How do I build trust for a working relationship with my portrait model?
  • What to consider if you are shooting in emotional situations
  • How to make your photography more powerful

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