A Photography Workshop
in Marrakech -
why & how

The ensemble of proud people, living history and the spirit of hospitality
is heartbreaking and unique.
That’s the stuff travel dreams are made of.

Find out why Marrakech is the perfect spot
to learn not only photographic skills,
but also for a life-changing experience of
how you’ll see as a photographer.

"Alles gut!" keep cool &
meet your Dream-Team

You want to bring your photography to the next level?

We offer small groups and 2 experienced pros
who love to share everything they ever saw and understood.

This week, your vision will be in focus.
And won’t be the same like before.



Photographer, Architect & Designer

Youssef was born and raised in Marrakech and has never left the city for more than 30 days. As a designer, commercial and street photographer, he always sees things directly from the heart. He loves inventing new solutions, and sometimes he just builds his tools and equipment himself when he thinks something is missing. He always wants to give something back if he steels a moment and takes a picture, which makes him a true friend and inspiring buddy.

Youssef is also a passionate Fujifilm X photographer and entrepreneur. He has his office and studio space in Marrakech and works for commercial clients in Morocco and Europe.

Check out his online portfolio on insta:


Photographer, Sociologist & Coach

Martin is curious about people’s lives, dreams and feelings. He never gets tired exploring how encounters with humans and cultures changes our conceptions of the world.

Beginning with the question “how to take better photos“, he today explores how photography changes his vision – not only as a photographer, but also as person.

A photo always tells more about the photographer itself than about the subject. You can see what he felt and understood, and what he missed.

As a trainer and coach, Martin wants to encourage other photographers to challenge their own concept of what life is about, or can be.

Visit his website: martinfrick-photographie.de


what we share

This workshop is also about a friendship.

One day, Youssef and Martin met on a balkony in Guilez/Marrakech, where we had a coffe and discussed about the influence photography had to our lifes. We both found, that photography changed the way we see ourselves and the humans we are surrounded. On our journey as a photographer, and during this exploration and observation, we start to understand better and the better we understand, the more we see.

This is why we need one another. And this is what we share with you.

Why Marrakech is the perfect spot for this workshop

Marrakech is known for its abundance in characters, colours and smells. On Marrakech Souks there are tons of details to discover and life pulsates on each and every corner of the Medina (the old town).

The Marrakech people are well known for their overwhelming hospitality who has its roots in the berber – as well as in the arabic culture. Many ancient crafts can be found here, as the old town has become Unesco heritage for some reason.

As a photographer you’ll find endless inspirations and genres to shoot such as street, portraiture, architecture, fashion and still. And maybe you’ll be surprised, but you find beautiful light at any hour of the day. Also, Marrakech is very accessible from most airports in Europe.

And maybe the most amazing experience are people who always are happy to share their time and lives with any one who is interested in them. There is a saying: “Don’t talk to strangers. They may become friends.”

Nowhere else, taking this risk is more fun!

How the Marrakech culture impacts your benefit

For more than 1000 years, Marrakech has been a place where different cultures meet and transform. During ages, the Marrakech oasis hosted caravans of traders crossing the sub saharan area and alway was a melting point for different influences, religions, languages and origins. The traditional riads not only hosted animals and travellers, but also funded cultural and religious institutions like mosques and universities.

People from Marrakech are used to handle and manage diversity way better than you may expect. Tolerance and respect are important values, and you may find a mosque right beneath a nightclub. People speak many different languages such as french and english and travelling in Morocco is very safe.

After having tea with a complete stranger in his living room, you will know what we are talking of.

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What you will learn:

  • How do I approach people and get in touch with interesting characters?
  • How do I build trust for a working relationship with my portrait model?
  • What to consider if you are shooting in emotional situations
  • How to make your photography more powerful

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