The Marrakech
Photo Experience

Travel photography & visual storytelling Workshop

With Youssef Ait Bouskri & Martin Frick

Change your vision – change your life

A Lifechanging

Going to places you have never been before
is a good strategy
to change your perspective.
Therefore we travel.

Learning how to see
helps to understand what we feel.
Therefore we have become photographers.

And this is why we offer this workshop.

One Week in Marrakech.

And you’ll never forget what you saw and felt.

Not only because you were taking nice pictures…

…but you changed the way you see.

This is what we will shoot…

Interieur & Architecture

What comes to your mind when you think of Marrakech? Right, endless details, impressive designs, warm colors, patterns and the magic of light!

And light is what we are looking for.

Portraiture on the street & in studio

Embrace the diversity with open arms! Meet unique characters, a variety of expressions and encounters.

Shooting portraits in Marrakech means to get inspired on each and every corner.

Reportage & Street Photography

Get your tools ready and you’ll find tons of inspiration in  the souks of Marrakech which are the perfect stage for the study of dynamic social interaction.

Welcome to another unexpected moment

Authentical Event Photography

Food, religion and music reflects the history, the soul and tradition of an ethnic group quite well. This sounds like a plan? But what if there are multiple cultural influences and a whole variety of different origins?

There will be delicious food and a lot of fun!

…as well as Landscape, Fashion, Documentary, Reportage… as this depends on your needs & interest.

This is what you will learn

Visual storytelling

Find your voice and consider the next 5 years as a process. Your journey begins right where you are, and it never ends.

“Those who tell the stories
rule the world.”

Daily assignments & individual reviews

What makes a good shot? On what aspect shall I focus and how can I create better results?

Our feedback, reviews and group discussion may help you to point out your next steps.

Psychology & Philosophy

If you care about your photography, it is vital to understand why you want to take a photo.

Learn how to manage your emotions and interact with your subject.

Workflow & Postprocessing

During a travel, we want to spend as much time as possible on our subject.
At the same time, we want to optimize our outcome and the quality of our photos.

We will have a look at an effective postprocessing workflow with Adobe Lightroom.

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring


We don’t mind about the gear you ‘ll bring.
We are interested in helping you developing your inner strength and your imagination.

How we’ll do so?
– In sharing our own process & passion with you

– In taking you on a journey where we all can learn from each other


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What you will learn:

  • How do I approach people and get in touch with interesting characters?
  • How do I build trust for a working relationship with my portrait model?
  • What to consider if you are shooting in emotional situations
  • How to make your photography more powerful

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How this workshop may change your life

The way we take photos is determined by the way we observe our world. The way we are seeing, we are thinking and all experiences we made during our life, have a direct impact on how we use photography. Photography reflects our way of seeing and our way of interacting with our surrounding.

During our workshop, we invite you to make experiences you probably never made before. New places, new encounters, new perspectives and new sensations may change the way you see your surrounding, but also how you see yourself.

When you begin to change the depth of your perception, photography becomes a philosophy of life rather than just a skill. You will learn how to observe life, how to reframe life and how to frame a photo. When you change the way you interact with people and you consider photography as a tool to experience and perceive life, your personality as a photographer will move on to the next level.

We are excited to guide you on this journey.

This is what our participants say


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Creating an impact with photography:
how Marina experienced the workshop

There was an overwhelming variety of subjects and inspirations, that just blew my mind.

I challenged my limitations,  connected with people and asked for a photo which was important for my personal growth

During this week I have learned a lot of things I used to avoid before.

This was an insane development for me personally.


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Stories from Marrakech:
Travel photography made easy

Visual storytelling is the name of the game

A clean cut at midnight

A clean cut at midnight

On my last evening in Marrakech, I came by this barber. Although it was already midnight, he still was busy with some paper work. The street in the Medina was still crowded and some old men were sitting in front of his shop. A barber shop is always a good place to be....

Sihmed & the hammam’s heat

Sihmed & the hammam’s heat

When I travel in a relatively poor country, sometimes I find myself thinking in terms of „how can you live like this… these people almost own nothing and yet, they are happy… maybe even happier than we are…“ and I hate myself for this, because I think, it is a stupid...